Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chintamani Ganapati

This is a line drawing of Ganapati appearing in form of Chintamani.My thanks and blessing to my grand-daughter Nivedita Kundaji who has drawn this computer sketch of Chintamani Ganapati.
Chintamani is a precious stone which gives us prosperity,health,wealth and fulfils our wishes. This Ganesha figure is believed to have manifested as Chintamani .

An old lady in Mulund taught us how to draw this Chintamani Ganapathi, some twenty years back. This has to be drawn everyday, say with a chalk on black tile or with any other suitable material, so that it can be wiped out next day for drawing the figure again.

You may offer flowers etc, keeping it in your pooja place. My sister introduced this Chintamani Ganesh to many of our relatives and friends who have experienced benefits of this practice. Peace of mind, tranquility in the house and confidence to face difficulties are the most important benefits of such holistic formulae. Among Ashtavinayakas of Maharashtra,Chintamani Ganapati is situated at Theur,about 22 kms from Pune. The attributes of this Ganapati could be found in these lines from Dundhiswaroopvarnan stotram:
May lord Chintamani shower his blessings upon you.

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